Best dentist I have ever been to by far! I have a medical condition that really puts done damage on my teeth so I am constantly having to go get work done. Dr. Emma and his staff are so nice, caring, and very knowledgeable of their work. Dr. Emma had done stuff to my teeth that other dentist said was "impossible", and now when I smile, you would never know that I had work done! Finally after 30 years I can smile, and it feels good


Ive used many different dentists over my 39 years of life. My mom even worked in the field, but I must say my experience with Encore dental in brick has been awesome. Funny how I use to play little league baseball with Dr emma as a kid and now his office is my number 1 dental office . as a matter of fact, I will use no other dentist then encore of brick.. The staff there is super nice and made me feel welcome everytime.

A super clean facility with a very friendly staff and amazing Doctors!

I live up in NH, but I’m originally from NJ, and needed a wisdom tooth out ASAP. No dentist in NH could seem to accommodate my VERY finicky tight schedule. A friend of mine from NJ told me about Encore Dental in Brick, so I called and told them my predicament. I called on Monday the 20th, and they told me they could see me for a consult THAT Wednesday and then my surgery was scheduled for Thursday! It worked out perfectly because I didn’t want to take too much time off work, but I also couldn’t get the procedure done on a weekend due to back to back weddings, vacations, etc. They accommodated my every need!

For both of my appointments, I checked in with the super friendly girls up front and didn’t wait more than 3-5 minutes for either one of my visits before I was brought in. I saw Dr. Galante who is just the best! Super friendly and told me exactly what needed to be done and assured me he would take good care of me. The next day for my procedure I was pretty nervous but it went so smoothly. All the Dental assistants who helped prep me for the surgery helped put me at ease and were so great. The actual procedure took less than 5 minutes…Dr. G worked his magic!

They were very thorough with going over my post-op instructions and my billing and insurance were all handled with ease and professionally. Normally I hate going to the Doctor/Dentist simply because the insurance and billing procedures are always so confusing but after my first appointment/consult, they provided me with a hardcopy print-out of the estimate and exactly what they were charging, what would be billed to insurance, and approximately what I owed them the next day when I’d go in for my procedure.

From start to finish, this was the best dental experience I ever had. I’d recommend them to anyone, regardless of where you’re coming from! Definitely worth the drive and the couple days from work I had to take, to get a stress-free and comforting experience! Thanks Encore and Dr. G!

Highly recommend
Clean professional, free whitening tray molded to your teeth and the whitening stuff with every new client.
And if you have no insurance go online and get Seledent. $100 then crowns are only $300
Prices amazing for any procedure

The Seledent insurance has nothing to do with it... These guys could charge what they want I'd come back. They're good!!!

I am very impressed with our experience at Encore Dental. We went there on a recommendation from a friend (who is a dentist). We had problems at our previous pediatric dentist. We were looking for an efficient, curtious, caring, thorough, kind dentist for our boys. I am ecstatic to say we found that all at Encore Dental.

My 10 year son said it was "fantastic"! My 5 year old agreed.

I have finally found a dental group that I trust completely. The doctors and staff are professional, warm and friendly. Also they are right around the corner from where I live.

I went to Dr bill in brick and even thou I was scared to get all the procedures done in order to have new teeth. He did a great job on my partial . The office staff was really cool too....Kim in the office was really helpful in making my appts....thank you for a great job keep up the great work everyone does!!!!!!!

Dr. Bill went above and beyond to not only work with my insurance, but to get me out of pain within 24 hours of my phone call.. where three other dentist in the area couldn't even see me for a week!!! By far the nicest and friendliest facility I've ever been to!! Dr. Bill you are the Man ..thanks..

I have written reviews for places to dine and hotels but would have never thought for a dental group. Encore Dental is amazing! Dr. Paul Galante and Dr. Ryan Pannorfi should be named #1 Dentists in the state of New Jersey. The staff is so pleasant and kind. I have never waited more than 5 minutes. Most of all - no one desires to go to a dentist but Encore makes the experience so rewarding!

Encore Dental is the best... From the people at the front desk to everyone in the back. Dr. Ryan is the best. I recommend everyone there who is looking for a new dentist to go to Encore Dental.

I had a filling fall out of a tooth and needed it repaired ASAP. I contacted my dentist and couldn’t get an appointment for a week. I called Encore, explained the situation and they saw me the same day. They couldn’t have been nicer and I now have a new dentist!
Ashley Zahn

I have been a patient at Encore Dental for the past five years. I always have a great experience there and couldn’t recommend them more.
H. Johnson

Since I was a child, I have always been nervous about dental appointments. A friend suggested Encore and I decided to give them a try. They were super compassionate and friendly – the assistant stayed in the room with me the whole time and even held my hand.
Mrs. S. Zackeo

Always so impressed when I visit the Encore offices. The staff are always smiling and helpful and actually make going to the dentist a pleasant experience
Marco Rodriguez

I recently lost my insurance and had to switch dentists. I found out Encore accepted my insurance and decided to give them a try. I have never had such a thorough cleaning (including an oral cancer screening which I had never had before!). Losing my insurance actually turned out to be a good thing!
Danielle Lamberson

Clean office – great staff! Always a good experience
Rob Dudek

Very professional doctors and team. It’s a refreshing change to be called by name and treated like a person instead of a number.
Jennifer Bochinelli